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Our access to the top suppliers allows us to provide you with an amazing variety of items at prices that are affordable. Click the links below to view just a few of the catalogs of items that we can get for you.


Screen Printing

Screen printing is a process where ink is pressed through a screen to print art work on garments. We can screen print a variety of locations and on a range of products. You can screen print a single color or have a multiple color design or logo.


Embroidery is the process where a stitched design is added to a garment. This application is great for hats and polos, but it is not limited to just those. Art work, company logos and more can be embroidered onto almost any garment.

Ad Specialties

Ad specialities includes anything that can have art or a logo placed on it. Just a few examples would include coffee mugs, koozies, pens, magnets and much, much more. Wether it is to promote a school event or as a give-away at a company function, there is an ad speciality item that is perfect for the occasion.

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Order Store

An Order Store is a service we can provide for your fund raising group, PTO, PTA, church or booster club. We can take your art and offer it on a range of items and provide you with a link to a web site that your members can order from. When the order time is up, we produce your goods and have them ready by the due date. No more collecting money, misplaced orders or tallying. Simple, effective and fast……making you look good.

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